I’m not sure what bothers me more, the fact that there is some extremely loud karaoke going on outside my apartment at midnight, or the fact that it’s all soooo off key….aaahhhh

(okay fine. we all know which bothers me more. RML)

Conversation that just took place when a woman knocked on my door:

Woman: (in hebrew) are your parents home?
Me: nope. I live here
Woman: Oh! …how old are you!?
Me: 27…
Woman: Oh, I thought you were 16!


not sure i’d call seeing the old man next door shirtless in the stairwell the high point of my day, but i DID remember my keys this time and didn’t get locked out. scoooore. RML

insanely loud construction at midnight? yuuuup. ‪#‎katamonim #RML

Well, at least I’m glad I got to provide a middle of the night feast for some poor starving mosquito. I’m nothing if not generous. RML

so….my clothes are stuck in the washing machine. RML

that moment when you get startled by a mosquito and smack yourself in the face instead of the mosquito. yup. just happened. RML


insomnia. #@%*!! RML

I’M AN AUNT!!!!! Mazal tov Ashy and Avi on the birth of a beautiful baby girl!!! Can’t wait to meet her and spoil her. RML